Bar and Alcohol
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Correct the Inequity Within the Beverage Alcohol Industry


Pronghorn is named for the second-fastest land mammal in the world. Only the cheetah is faster. However, the cheetah is a sprinter and can only sustain its speed for a few hundred yards. The pronghorn can sustain blazing speeds for miles. Like the Pronghorn, we recognize that this is a marathon. Not a sprint.

Pronghorn will create $2.4B in economic value through representation and investment


Leaders and Future Creators

through internships, mentorships, fellowships, careers and executive placements within the industry, fueled by a pipeline of talent and filled at suppliers, retailers and distributors.


self-sustaining entrepreneurs through a hybrid incubator/ accelerator model with angel, seed and accelerator investments in Black-owned brands.


participants recruited and retained in the industry.

Pronghorn will invest in


Black-owned spirits brands.

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We are embarking on a journey. It is a bold journey, fueled by the desire to change the face of entrepreneurship by establishing a scalable template for diversifying the ecosystem of any industry.

We are Pronghorn—a stand-alone business dedicated to cultivating the next generation of diverse founders, executive leaders and entrepreneurs. Our initial aim is to apply industry-leading expertise while investing financial, individual and network capital to effectively support, grow and sustain Black-owned businesses in the spirits industry.

We will accomplish our goals by building
a remarkable ecosystem of forward-thinking entrepreneurs and companies, who, like us, are collectively motivated to make the world better; more connected, more efficient, more equitable.

As our namesake suggests, we recognize that this journey is a marathon, not a sprint. At our very core, we understand that it takes endurance and foresight to manifest meaningful change. Success will not come from playing it safe. It will come from long-term, sustainable investment.

At Pronghorn, we firmly believe that courage sparks connection. And that the actions of a single person can improve entire communities and resound through generations.

Join us in taking the first steps to establishing a new path to generational wealth. Let’s accelerate, together.

Our Team

Pronghorn was conceived in 2020 and launched in 2022 by co-founders and spirits industry veterans Dia Simms, Erin Harris, and Dan Sanborn. 


Dia Simms


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Erin Harris



Dan Sanborn