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We welcome you to join us in our mission to diversify the Spirits industry and look forward to hearing from you! 

Black Founders

Pronghorn is investing both capital and supercharging services to take your brand to the next level. See what Pronghorn can offer you, and visit our contact page to request more information and be considered. 


Are you interested in working with Pronghorn? Please submit your resume and a member of Pronghorn's team will contact you if we have a relevant opportunity.


Success will rely on industry-wide participation. Pronghorn welcomes the partnership of suppliers, retailers, distributors and any organization that would like to drive the mission of diversification in the industry. Get in touch to learn more.


Keep up-to-date with all the news about Pronghorn and the companies in our investment portfolio. If you’d like to cover Pronghorn, please review our media kit and get in touch.